WORTHIT is a community of young women and girls who are choosing to Wait for Wisdom and Work on Themselves to promote healthier bodies, spirits, and relationships. 


Jamilah Cooper-Bowden

Worthit Creator

Jamilah is a Single Mother, a US Army Veteran, an active member of her church and community, a Sister, a Daughter, and a Friend to many.


She has a special passion to reach and influence young girls who, like herself at a young age, may be having trouble dealing with physical, emotional, and spiritual issues; especially concerning sexuality and relationships.

WORTHIT was created to be a place free of Judgement where young ladies can be accepted, informed, encouraged, loved, and given a safe space to grow as women, because they are...

Being WORTHIT means realizing that you are too precious to be promiscuous, too valuable to be violated, and too loved to be lost. And even though we all make mistakes, you're too strong to let your mistakes define you. The ability to learn from them, to forgive and cherish yourself in spite of them, and to use them to help someone else is what makes you what we want every girl in the entire world to be... an IT Girl.

The "IT" represents exactly what we're worth when navigating the challenges of womanhood..

Integrity & Truth, Investing Time, Informed Teaching, & so much more.

WORTHIT is based in Tuscaloosa Alabama, with a growing network of IT Girls and Coaches in other states! Join