WORTHIT COACH is a volunteer position in which you can be given one or a group of young ladies to mentor, counsel, and guide in areas of relationships, sex education, physical heath, spiritual health, and other related issues.

To apply for selection you must be 18 years of age or older, a US citizen, and a woman.  Being selected authorizes you to not only work one-on-one with IT Girls but also to coordinate and host WORTHIT events, conduct fundraisers, establish local groups, sell and distribute Gear and Paraphernalia, transport and chaperone for trips and outings, and more. 

The position of Coach requires not only availability and dedication, but also a sincere passion and a heart for the well being of your fellow ladies and for their overall health. Mind, body, heart, spirit, and soul. It requires a patience and a willingness to do the work that ensures their success, however thankless it can be at times. Only certain special types of people have these qualities and if you feel that you are one of those people, please apply. We would be excited and blessed to have you join the team! 

- J. Cooper, Head Coach

"Here's to STRONG Women.

May we KNOW them.

May we BE them.

May we RAISE them."


If you educate a


You educate a


-African Proverb-

"I want every Girl to know

that her Voice can change

the World!"



should never be

afraid to be


-Emma Watson-